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Love is an online action and adventure game where you have to make alliances with other players online in order to defeat the other group in the dreamlike world flush with detail.

Your aim is to protect your monolith while at the same time trying to destroy the enemy tribe's monolith. To do that, you have to move through an open world in first-person perspective, exploring your surroundings, picking up tokens, and attacking your enemies if they dare cross your path.

As your progress you'll get new tools and skills for your team, which let you shape the ground and improve your base's structure.

Love's graphics are ... peculiar. As you can tell from the images, the entire game has been designed with an aesthetic that's part watercolor drawing and part mosaic, resulting in a unique experience.

Love is a very special game. Its gameplay might seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll discover a very fun title with fascinating details.
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